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5 Exciting places in New York

NYC is known as the city that never sleeps and it has been given this title for a reason. You can find hotels in New York to fit any budget and there are an enormous number of sights to be seen there. Let’s have a look at five of the most interesting, fun and entertaining ones.

1. Stroll around Central ParkNew York 1

Central Park is the most iconic park in the Big Apple and it has a lot to offer. You’ll find 843 acres of land, musicians, a zoo, gorgeous scenery and playgrounds there. The Park offers you a great view of the city’s skyscrapers too, making it a perfect place to relax in a busy city.

2. Marvel at Times SquareNew York 2
Many movies have been shot in Times Square. It’s a must see with the crowds and the enormous electric billboards. You’ll get a completely different feel for the place when you check it out during the day or at night. During the day you’ll find many street performers and at night you’ll see all the billboards that electrify the square.

3. The Statue of LibertyNew York 3

The most symbolic landmark in New York is the Statue of Liberty. The statue is a female with a torch in one hand and a law book in the other. At her feet lies a broken chain, as a metaphor for freedom. It is to be found in the New York Harbor. The colossal statue was a gift from the French and was considered to be the welcoming signal for immigrants. It’s humongous so you really can’t miss it!

4.  Top of the rockNew York 4

The top of the Rockefeller Center building offers a great view over the city. You can enjoy sights that will take your breath away, as you overlook Central Park, the Empire State building and Brooklyn Bridge. The six story observatory gives more than two million tourists a great view here every year.

5. The American Museum of Natural HistoryNew York 5

The American Museum of Natural History is one of the biggest and most famous museums in the world. In a year about five million people visit the museum. There are 46 exhibition halls, that contain more than 32 million specimens, a library and research laboratories. It is home to the largest collection of dinosaur fossils and offers exhibits of earth and space shows.

When we think about America, New York is often one of the first cities we think of. The Big Apple is definitely home to an amazing mix of exciting, fun and wonderful sights which makes it a fantastic city to spend a holiday there.

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