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5 Things to Do On Your First Cruise Holiday

Are you about to embark on your very first cruise holiday? Not sure what to expect or what activities to do? Then take a look at this essential guide which will ensure you have a cruise trip to remember. From surfing to ice-skating, the journey of a lifetime is only a boat-ride away.

Cruise holiday1)      Take In The Sights

What newcomers tend to do when they first get on a cruise ship is become frustratingly overwhelmed by the amount of events on-board. A simple map check would allow you to find just exactly where that volleyball court is, as well as seek out the best place to work on your tan. Essentially, make sure you take a good look around the ship as there are fun things to do almost everywhere.

2)      Do Something New

Whether you fancy going to dance classes or prefer the skilful art of wine-tasting, there is always something to partake in that you haven’t done before. Almost all cruises come equipped with their own instructors so don’t think of it as a daunting task – be prepared to explore and have fun.

Going to the spa is always on the agenda of cruise travellers and taking an hour off to be luxuriously massaged like never before is something everyone can enjoy. If the sight of water makes you feel like jumping in, head poolside and enjoy the pace of the calm water. Go ahead and try something new.

3)      Take a Deep Breath And Relax

Most people buy tickets to a cruise holiday in the hope they can just get some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as some cruises play day-long movies and have on-going parties that disrupt those that only want minimum distraction.

That’s why it’s important the cruise contains a peaceful area such as a library or what Royal Caribbean Cruiselike to call a ‘Solarium’ which is an adult-only area providing passengers a calming experience in the sun.

4)      Eat! Eat! Eat!

You may be forgiven for thinking there’s only enough food to go around for the amount of time you are on-board, but you’d be mistaken. Such is the vast amounts of catering offered on the cruise, that you can indulge yourself until you’re completely full.

Cruise ship dining is improving all the time and if through slim chance, any ingredients were to run low, crew members would immediately scour local markets as soon as the ship stops, ensuring they don’t run empty on stock. So next time you’re wondering if you should have another bite, you’ll never run out.

5)      Get a Great Deal More

A majority of ticket prices are all-inclusive so make sure you look around for the best cruise deals before you start your holiday. If you manage to get a great concession, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be enjoying world-class service as you get a free room upgrade.

It’s important to enjoy your stay as much as possible and with some cruises offering money-back offers and speciality dining packages, you could get a lot more for what you pay for.

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