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5 Things You Have To See In Port Louis, Mauritius

Port Louis, Mauritius – sounds glorious and warm just hearing someone say its name so, when you’re lucky enough to pack your bags and jet off to this wonderful location, what exactly should you see?
Well the answer will be different for everyone no doubt; lucky for you I’m eclectic, so here are a few suggestions I thought were worth a look.

Domaines Les Paillies

Port LouisA beautiful estate nestled comfortably in the middle of the mountains, surrounded with 3,000 acres on the foothills of the Moka Range; Domaines was developed from a sugar estate into a theme park and a centre of cultural heritage. It is a popular destination for tourists and locals and harbours four restaurants, one museum and an international conference centre.

For your entertainment there is a horse drawn carriage to ride about the grounds in, a miniature railway and a working reflection of a traditional Ox-driven sugar mill. Of course if you fancy something a bit more daring there is Quad-biking available to keep you enthralled and also a children’s playground.

While your children are busy on the playground you could even give the nearby rum distillery a quick visit!

Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre

The Rajiv Ghandi Science Centre sits just outside of Port Louis and houses a science gallery, park and has been built specifically with the learning ability of children in mind.

It has “hands-on” exhibits and focuses on the basic principles of mechanics such as sound, light and vibration. They are hands-on exhibits because they are designed to make the person using them learn through the medium of ‘play’ – who says adults can’t throw their “maturity” to the wind for a couple of hours?

If nothing else, it is worth experiencing a different way to learn.

Cauden Waterfront

Cauden waterfront is scenic with lots of beautiful architecture to throw into the mix; with a shopping centre and business centre you won’t be short of entertainment.

There are cinemas that show the latest films, a casino for when you feel like you have too much money and ‘Artist’s Corner’ where artists can create sculptures/paintings in front of you; there’s a Jazz workshop too if you prefer music as your art form.

Le Cauden Waterfront is one of the most popular places to shop when on holiday in Mauritius, as the waterfront is a must-see for the magical scenic surroundings.

Government House

This French colonial structure dating back to 1738 is one of the oldest buildings in Port Louis.

There isn’t much to see however, if you like knowing where a town has gotten its roots from and you prefer to marvel at structures then this might be up your alley. Stood proudly outside of the building is a very stern statue of Queen Victoria.

A small but very worthy building to have a walk by if you wish to take in some regal architecture along the way.

Theatre of Port Louis

Built in 1822, this wonderful classic London style theatre is the oldest theatre in the Indian Ocean region and seats an audience of around 600 across three levels.

To visit this wonderfully designed building you will have to purchase tickets for the theatre; apart from the obvious what also makes this wonderful theatre worth a visit from anyone in the region is they have a most incredible painted dome ceiling – complete with cherubs and chandeliers.

Performances are usually in the evening, typically around 8PM – Go and enjoy wonderful entertainment in enchanted surroundings.

Clark Jones is a freelance travel writer.

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