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Beach Safety Tips for Your Summer Vacation

With summer fast approaching, everyone’s excited to sink their toes into the sand, and get their bathing suits, large hats, sunscreens, and flip Summer Vacationflops ready once again. However, as fun as the beach can be, it can also be dangerous if you don’t know what to look out for.

So before you ruin the perfect vacation with an accident, here are some beach safety tips for an enjoyable time in the sand, sea, and sun.

Apply sunscreen

Sunburns result from prolonged sun exposure. Unless you want red, painful skin that’s hot to the touch, lather up on sunscreen – even on cloudy days. Apply sunscreen lotion to the exposed parts of your body around 20 minutes before going out. Intense sunburns can lead to a wide range of health complications, from dry wrinkled skin to cancer.

Check conditions before entering the water

It is imperative to check for any warning flags or potential hazards before enjoying the water. It is also a good idea to ask the lifeguard about the beach and water conditions. Make sure to obey all the lifeguard’s rules and instructions.

Don’t swim alone

Always go swimming with another person, if not a group of people. Even if you’ve prepared for every possible situation, there’s always a possibility that something unexpected will happen and you’d be needing help. If you’re on a tropical romantic getaway, always stay close to your partner. Having a swim buddy allows you to keep an eye on each other in the water.

Stay away from rip currents

Rip currents are one of the major causes of deaths on the beach. These currents usually form in any large open waters, like those in low spots or near piers. If you are caught in a one, don’t fight the current. If you must swim away, swim parallel to the shore. Once you are free, automatically head to the shore. Stay at least 100 meters away from jets as well.

Call for help

If you think you can’t make it back to the shore, call and wave for help. On the other hand, if someone in the water is in trouble, call the lifeguard right away. Don’t try to save someone if you don’t know how as you might end up drowning the both of you. If a lifeguard isn’t available, ask someone to call 911. Meanwhile, throw the victim with something that floats, may it be a cooler, inflatable ball, or a lifejacket to help him stay afloat.

Watch out for aquatic life

Besides drowning, there are other factors in the beach that can cause a disaster. Jellyfish? Large corals? Sea urchins? These are but a few aquatic life forms that are dangerous. To avoid any wounds or infection, steer clear from patches of plants and stay away from unfamiliar sea animals.

Stay hydrated

As the temperature rises, dehydration becomes a major challenge. When you’re in the beach, you don’t notice your body overheating because of the soothing sea breeze. As a result, you sweat out a gallon in just two hours. During the summer months, you should always replenish lost fluids by drinking a lot of fluids. You can also beat the heat by having cool drinks.

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