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Benefits and Advantages of Staying in Hotels

Whether for business or pleasure, staying in hotels will definitely more than satisfy your travel needs. Hotels have features and offer amenities that make them the preferred accommodation for travelers.


Hotel stayConvenience starts from the booking process. You have the option to either book in advance or walk-in to the hotel without prior reservations. While staying in hotels can be more expensive than staying in house rentals or resorts and villas, hotels often offer discounts for advanced booking done over the phone or online. Travel agencies also offer all-inclusive packages that have lower hotel accommodation rates.

There are also instances when guests arrive at hotels on a walk-in basis. They may be short on time to find a place before their travel date; or perhaps they wanted to see the city before deciding where to stay. Some rental accommodations do not allow walk-in customers or do not have 24-hour reception.

Facilities and Amenities

Hotels have everything within your reach, or a phone call away. They offer room service, laundry and ironing services, valet parking and can even store away valuables in a safety vault. Besides having a very spacious room all by yourself, other world-class amenities are just within your reach. These include restaurants and cafes, business areas, gyms and wellness centers, in addition to swimming pools, which are great for the entire family.

Most hotels also offer free internet access these days. Internet connection is a must for businessmen and family members while traveling since most bookings and GPS maps can be tracked online.

Hotels are Better Than Other Accommodations When Traveling with Children

Child-friendly hotelsoffer arrangements with families in mind. Some offer pools, playrooms, video games, miniature golf and waterslides. The amenities are endless.

Some hotels have clinics and a doctor or child specialist on duty 24 hours a day. They also have baby-sitting services and can provide baby cots in your hotel room for the comfort of your child.

Easier Transportation

Many hotels offer free airport transfers and pickups. It would certainly feel good if you have somebody waiting for you at the airport, especially if it’s your first time in a new place.

Hotels are strategically located, which means they are normally just few meters away from popular tourist attractions. This is convenient since you don’t need to wake up early to allocate time for getting to your destinations or tourist stops.

Loyalty Reward Programs

There are hotel chains that offer free accommodations or discounts when you book with them again, or with one of their hotel chains or associates.

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Martha Blythe prefers hotels to house rentals when she goes on vacation. When traveling to Georgia, she prefers to stay in the Quality Hotel & Suites in Warner Robins Georgia.

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