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Berlin: Land of Art and Creative Inspiration

You’ve finally booked and planned a trip to Berlin, but beyond hearing general suggestions, you have no specific plans or places of interest.  So where are the places that artists go for inspiration and sightseeing?

See it on WheelsBerlin

While in Berlin, you’ll notice a high number of cyclists, who get around this way as a green means of transportation.  This can be a great idea for explorers; moving at a slower pace than automobiles, travellers can enjoy angles of buildings and alleys of unique neighbourhoods along the way.

Hello World Berlin offers vintage bike rentals (designs existing from the 1970s to 90s).  Additionally, car-share services exist the world over, but Berlin offers a similar service for cyclists. In Berlin, you can use Bikesurf to reserve a bike during parts of your stay, ensuring opportunity to get inspired on wheels.

Tour the Museums

No artist-inspired trip to Berlin is fulfilled without taking a tour of the city’s major art museums.  The city’s confines offer (at least) ten of the best museums for art.

The Deutche Guggenheim is one of the quainter destinations, sometimes overshadowed by more widely-know institutions.  Open daily, the sandstone building, erected in 1920, offers free admission on Mondays, a day most other museums in the city are closed.

Rub Elbows with Others

Berlin, a magnet for the artistic-minded souls of surrounding geographies as well as lands from all over the world, is quickly gaining the attention of a bevy of artists of all backgrounds.  As a New York Times story chronicles, ‘In the first few weeks, we met designers, photographers, illustrators, filmmakers, writers, other musicians…’  Some natives admit first coming to Berlin on vacation, but after spending time and becoming enchanted, it often becomes their full-time home.

Take moments to immerse yourself among the natives and visitors of Berlin.  Ask what attractions bring them there or keep them coming back.  For more information regarding a range of Berlin hotels, check websites as well as asking locals about favourite spots.

Do Brunch

Berlin offers nightlife, but don’t miss out on the experiences that you can only enjoy in the daylight.  Brunch is a popular occasion amongst Berliners, and a number of delicious entrees and drinks await those too hungry for lunch and too late for breakfast.

Do you enjoy wine, cheese, and baguettes?  How about American-style ham and eggs, served with a side of toast?  Don’t forget the Bloody Marys and champagne spritzers! Recover from the nightlife with a hearty meal and another beverage at a local brunch spot.

Photography Workshop

Those who can’t do things quite like the pros, learn from the pros.  Would you like to see and hear about the best inspirational sites in the city?  Take a photo workshop from local professionals. This will give you some inside insight about the best views Berlin has to offer, allowing you to capture those awe-filled moments.

Take the time to make a note of available programs before your trip, or check local city listings to find native artists willing to offer their creative help.

By Alex Kennedy

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