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Brazil Where Every Experience Is Unique

Opaque Amazonian forests, paper white beaches and energy filled cities; Brazil, one of the most captivating countries in South America, is a tourist’s haven. With various brag worthy tourists destinations in its kitty the land of Samba resonates with music and dance and the country remains in a mood of celebration. Cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are cosmopolitan exemplified. In short, the country has immense potential for beach bums, sun bathers and those who want to enjoy hedonistic pleasures.

brazilHere we comb through opaque forests, powdery beaches and epicurean cities to award you an authentic Brazilian experience.  Do zip your bag, put on sturdy shoes and take flights to Brazil which gives you an experience of lifetime.

Rio de Janeiro – Sophisticated enchantress

You don’t need to answer where Rio de Janeiro located is. And describing it as a destination located in south east Brazil in South America will be a sheer wastage of time. Just ask a hedonistic wanderer and he will put the fingers on Rio on a map with the ease of a Carioca (residents of Rio). The city decked with powdery sandy white beaches, scrumptious dining and population that remains jubilant ever is a destination where worldly pleasures entraps you instantly. Needless to say this destination tops every tourist’s itinerary.

Sao Paulo: Biggest and still expanding

Not being content with its Biggest-in-South-America tag, the city is still in the expansion mode and its growth is adding new territories and taking it near to skies. The destination not-so-high on natural beauty makes for the deficiency with its economic activities museums, theatres and nightlife that makes it cultural capital of Brazil.  When your Sao Paulo bound flight touches the tarmac don’t get confused as locals call their city Sampa.

Belo Horizonte or Bay-Agah

Belo Horizonte locally referred as Bay-Agah is third largest city in the country and admired for its excellent town planning. In addition to various shopping options, the city is also acts as a jumping off point for beautiful colonial towns like Ouro Preto and Tiradentes.

Iguaçu Falls – Cascading beauty

Iguaçu Falls could be one of the most admired natural wonders on the planet earth. This 275 falls that cascade over a precipice 3km wide is one of the most coveted destinations in Brazil. The fall should be a part of your itinerary.

Pantanal Wetland Area and Wildlife

Situated in the western part of South America Pantanal is considered as one of the most admired wetland systems in the world. The area rich with biodivefrsity is most popular draw card of the region.

Salvador – for carnival crazy

Tourists love to throng to the destination which is always in carnival mood. With world heritage sites and fabulous culture the city of Salvador top the imagination of tourists.

Brasília – Spanking new

With a relatively small history Brasília, the capital of Brazil catches the limelight with its futuristic architecture. With a state of the art airport the city serves a jumping off point for many destinations in Brazil.

This one of the most prominent countries in South America is an apple of every eye. For a more authentic experience, take flights to Brazil from the UK where diverse experiences are waiting to entertain you.

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