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Discover London Capital

 London is maybe one of the most interesting cities in Europe; it is not only its financial capital, whose centre is the borough called The City, but it also offers many tourist attractions, able to satisfy every kind of visitor.

This city is so big that it is divided in thirty-two boroughs; inside Greater London there are in fact over 8 million people.

London CapitalThe charm of London comes from its nature of cultural, artistic, fashion and political centre, not only in England, but in the whole Western Europe.

Some London boroughs are more interesting than others for tourists; for instance, if The City is very important for business travellers, we should not forget that it was the first settlement inside the Roman city walls; here you can discover not only a lot of skyscrapers, but also many medieval churches and very ancient buildings.

Another historic district is Bloomsbury, where you can visit the well-known British Museum, where you can enter for free, or the seat of the University of London, as well as a lot of historic buildings and parks.

The borough of Covent Garden is famous in particolar for its unique shops and its entertainment establishments; in fact it includes many London theatres, where, if you like, you can attend the most famous musicals of the moment.

Even in the South Bank, on the south side of the river Thames, that cross the city, there are a lot of theatres like the “old Vic” which supports emerging talent; here you can find the London Eye, a very high Ferris wheel from which you can admire the entire city.

A borough you have to visit is definitely Westminster, which is a sort of city on its own, and where you can visit a lot of historic buildings; it is very hard to draw an exhaustive list of them, but you cannot miss Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the Queen, the Gothic Westminster Abbey or the Palace of Westminster, also known as the House of the Parliament.

A very characteristic and lively borough is Notting Hill – North Kensington, where, among other things, you can experience a very famous carnival. South Kensington – Chelsea hosts on the contrary a lot of famous stores, museums and the well-known Hyde Park; here you can walk along King’s Road, which was a private royal road until 1830.

It is very hard to mention all the tourist attractions in London; the city contains so many interesting places that you should stay there for at least one month in order to visit all of them.

We have to consider for example London museums and art galleries, many of which are free: the British Museum, for instance, but also the National Gallery, or the Tate Modern. In London there are a lot of important and world famous museums, but also a great number of minor museums that can satisfy your particular passions.

London has a lot of parks in which you can run, play a sport or simply relax: the most famous are Regent’s Park, Hyde Park and St James Park.

The British capital is also an important trade centre; people who love shopping should visit the West End of London, which is considered the main shopping centre of the city.

London has a very lively nightlife: you can experience it in its pubs, theatres and restaurants, but also in its squares, one of the most famous of which is surely Trafalgar Square. Is is in the borough of Westmister; in its centre stands the Nelson’s Column, in order to commemorate his victory against French troops during the Battle of Trafalgar.

London offers also a wide range of accommodation, so you can easily find the right solution for you, like the Royal National Hotel, thinking about the cost and the location of the hotel.

London has so many attractions that is doubtless a wonderful destination both for long trips and for  shortbreaks, so I suggest you to really consider it as your next travel destination.

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