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Discover the Heart of Europe: Rent a Canal Boat

When considering Europe as a travel destination, many people envision its charm and romance. This historic continent has a well-deserved reputation for enchanting architecture, beautiful cultures and of course many manifestations of art and ancient knowledge.

Canal BoatFrom world-famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa to delicious cuisine and majestic landscapes, every country in Europe has something different to offer. The only question is, how can you see everything you want to see during your vacation?

When travelling from overseas it’s important to make every minute of every day count. And while there are certainly a large number of tour companies and attractions for travellers, you may not want to get lost in the crowd.

Throngs of visitors flock to popular sites each day, and as you can imagine, there are hundreds of restaurants and services that cater to these masses.

So how can you experience the true spirit of Europe? One way is by travelling through its beautiful canals.

Made famous by places like Venice and Amsterdam, the canals of Europe flow freely through beautiful country sides and charming villages. And, unknown to many foreign visitors, you can easily rent a canal boat to travel through them.

Captaining a slow boat through Europe’s waterways is nothing like grappling with a sailboat on the open seas. With severaladult travellers to help, you can easily set off and dock wherever you’d like. Steering the craft is a breeze, as the rivers and canals have very gentle currents.

You can also travel with family members or friends of all ages and abilities, as canal boats are safe for everyone. They feature comfortable berths for sleeping and kitchens for preparing anything from light snacks to larger meals. You’ll also have all the comforts of home, including well-functioning showers and toilets.

Choose your destination from Europe’s many countries with canals, including the South of France,  England, Holland, Belgium and many other places.

Days aboard a canal boat can be spent taking in the gorgeous scenery, snapping photos, taking turns steering and enjoying your choice of refreshments.

You can stop at small ports of call and step onto dry land any time you wish. This can be a great opportunity to stroll through charming cobblestone streets, purchase produce and locally made products from open air markets and small shops, and visit local landmarks.

Choose to stay on the move, or dock your canal boat and use it as a base for exploring more of any particular region you desire. With no need to search for additional accommodations, you can wander at your leisure and just return to the boat at night to rest and relax.

Compared to reserving hotel accommodations for every night on your itinerary, booking a canal boat for a week or longer is relatively inexpensive. It also offers you the opportunity to prepare meals instead of eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For a truly authentic European experience, gather your friends and family and set off on a boat!

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