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Enjoy an Exotic Trip to the White Islands of Mafia in Tanzania

Mafia Island in Tanzania is one of the famous marine islands in the world. It is renowned for its natural beauty, excellent diving destination, amazing marine life, snorkeling, and marine parks. Its reefs are excellent and are one of most attractive diving destinations of the aqua sports lover.

Mafia Island is also known as the Mafia Archipelago, which is just 35 minutes flight from Dar es Salaam, clustered together in the Indian Ocean. The sea beach is a perfect destination for those looking for a serene beach holiday, far from the madding crowd.

Mafia island picture

Mafia is a slow and laid back island. People here enjoy basking in the fishing or farming practice. The coastal area, just beside the golden beach is covered in mangrove forest. The cluster of islands namely, Mafia, Juani, Bwejuu, Jibondo, and Chole are known for the lush green vegetation, as well as wildlife. The places also have seaside vegetation like coconut palm, cashew, baobabs, and others.

The Beauty Of The Marine Park In Mafia Island

The beauty of the turquoise blue ocean has motivated the nature lovers to transform the area into a holiday spot. The Marine Park was created in the year 1995, with an intention of protecting the archipelago’s reef. The area inside the Chole Bay is the most attractive destination for snorkeling. People may also use these shallow reefs to learn diving.

The entrance of the bay is well protected by a long coral wall. This is the most attractive place for the experienced divers. Other attractions include giant table corals, variety of fishes, marine life, and others. Tanzania is known for its diving spots and exciting marine life, such as clownfish, octopus, odd gigantic grouper, rays, or large potato cod. Sharks and dolphins are also present in the deep blue sea.  Turtles crawl on the beach at night.

The beach is safe for diving expeditions from mid-September to the end of February. The island is divided into two broad categories, the Mafia Island and the Chole Island.

Mafia Island

Kinasi Lodge: it is a boutique hotel. The resort offers a luxurious staying experience amidst the cashew and coconut plantation. Here you will find 14 rooms, from which you can pick one to stay.
Lua Cheia, Bweni: is situated at the northern tip of Mafia Island, is generally called Ras Bweni as it is located in the Bweni village. From the beach resort you can experience the sunset over the Rufiji delta and the rise of the moon on the Indian Ocean.
Pole: is a beautiful cute little lodge with seven wooden bungalows around the beach. It is a perfect destination for relaxing and enjoying dives or snorkeling.

Chole Island

The place is known for having some of the finest diving spots in East Africa. The place has a beautiful tree house and remarkably designed rooms with very modern facilities available in a hotel room. The romantic open air shower is an additional technique to offer you some memorable moments.

You can not only enjoy the open air shower, diving spots, or tree house stay, you can also cherish the beauty of the village life and party at the sandy beach bars.

Mafia is the destination for those who wish to enjoy a serene beach holiday and only enjoy the time in aqua sports, snorkeling, experiencing colorful marine life, mouthwatering food, and beach concoctions.

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