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Experience London By Walking

Many visitors to London will plan their journeys before they visit and decide on the attractions they want to see and then plan how they are going to get to those attractions.

The tube is one of the most popular ways to get around with buses coming a close second.  It’s easy to plan, and London transport is fairly cheap so it does make sense.

Experience London However what many tourists to the city don’t realise is that the center of London is actually closer together than they might have thought.  If you plan your trip to London just by looking at a map, especially a tube map, you might be amazed to find that journeys that look a long way on the tube are actually only a short walking distance.

A good example of this would be getting from Waterloo Station to Covent Garden.  On the tube map it looks like it takes a long time and you have to change trains.  However in reality all you need to do is walk across Waterloo Bridge then west down The Strand and you are there.

Always keep a map with you and use mobile apps on your phone such as Google maps to navigate your way around more easily.

You see so much more

When you visit London why not try a day just walking in the city.  It is guaranteed that you will see more of the city than if you were using the tube.  You can stop off in numerous coffee shops, café’s and pubs along the way to get more of a feel for the city.

Walking tours

London has a large number of different walking tours around the city.  You will be taken by a guide who will talk whilst you walk about what you are seeing.  There are popular tours such as the Jack the Ripper tour which takes you around the parts of London where his victims were found and areas crucial in trying to capture him.

You can take a tour of movie locations where popular movie scenes have been filmed.  Think of James Bond scenes along the river Thames.

There are organised walking tours around special London architecture, Olympic sites and London’s parks.

Choose your accommodation carefully

If you plan to experience London solely by foot make sure that your hotel or apartment is located centrally.  If you are staying further away from the center you will need to use public transport.

There are plenty of apartments and hotels centrally located which are ideal if you are planning a walking holiday, because you just need to walk out of your apartment or hotel front door and everything is close by.


London is a great city for walking and it has been made more accessible in recent years to encourage people to walk more.  However do take precautions.  Remember in the UK cars drive on the left so be careful crossing the road.

Always wait for the green man when you are crossing at pedestrian crossings despite what other people might do.

London has a lot of cyclists so take extra care when crossing the road to avoid these.

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