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Five Things You Have To Do In Boston

Boston is a fabulous city for a vacation. At once the birth-place of American democracy and home to the world’s leading universities, Boston defines America. Boston is a city that basks in history yet casts its shadow on the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. Discover the sights and sounds of Boston, one of the world’s great cities.

The Freedom Trail

Take a stroll around the Freedom Trail. At just two and a half miles, you can take in over a dozen famous and historical venues from the Revolutionary War. These range from Paul Revere’s carefully preserved house to the famous Old North Church.

You can choose to get a map for a self-guided walking tour or book a hosted tour. If you get tired, you can always stop in one of the many tea-rooms or tourist shops along your route. In the event someone in your party struggles with the long walk, you can book transportation too.

Fenway Park And The Red SoxSox

If you come in the summer, you might be lucky enough to take in a professional baseball game at the legendary Fenway Park. Fenway has been hosting the Red Sox for over a century. If there’s no game in town, you can still take a tour of the famous stadium. Either way, you’ll have a chance to feel the spirit and enthusiasm the locals have for this sport and pick up some keepsakes.

Harvard University

Where is Harvard located? Harvard is based is throw from Boston, in neighbouring Cambridge, although some Harvard buildings are based in Boston too. Its locality means that no trip to Boston would be complete without a visit. Follow the footsteps of the many American Presidents and business leaders who lived on Harvard’s Campus.

Of course, Boston University & MIT reside here too. These higher ed institutions lend the city a unique and thriving student culture. Their presence also contributes architectural flourishes including the Stata Center and the Charles River Campus.

The Wharf And Boston Tea Party Ship

The Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum are the cities signature attractions. Here you’ll have an opportunity to walk around a historical ship and chronicle America’s path to independence. The museum rouses history to life with contemporary high-tech exhibits.

These include stunning holographic displays. You’ll feel as if you are actually walking down a Boston street in the 1700’s. Your entire family is sure to feel immersed in history.

But the whole tour is not made of lights and mirrors. Just to be sure that nobody gets bored, you even get a chance to dump some tea overboard just like they did back in the day. You also get to explore authentically restored ships just like the ones that carried tea to the New World.

While you happen to be in the waterfront area, be sure and have lunch or dinner at one of the fantastic seafood restaurants while enjoying the view of the water.

If you need cooling off, visit the local. The original bar that inspired TV Show Cheers and the careers of Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson is nearby.

Have You Planned Your Trip To Boston Yet?

Boston is a city that is ever restless and forward looking. Historic, cosmopolitan and thriving it stands among the world’s great cities. Savour the churches, tea-rooms and museums and you’ll find there is yet more to be discovered. There are many things to do in Boston and one visit is never enough.

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