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Get ready to travel in style

Marvellous inventions such as the passenger jet have immensely contributed to making the world seem like a much smaller place to live in! In relation to this, the lifestyle of the common man has greatly diversified too, in terms of possessing the capability to hold residence, enjoy vacations and even earn livelihoods in two entirely different locales – at the same time! It’s no surprise that each and every one of us has exclusively resorted to the versatility of air travel, be it for serving whatever a purpose, at some point in our lives. However, in due course of being airborne, jet lag is one condition that is absolutely inevitable since daylight hours tend to vary from region to region. What this leads to is an erratic shift in the natural circadian rhythm of the body, causing unpleasant symptoms such as nausea. So, staying fit and fine is just as crucial as getting to that business meeting, full of alertness and stamina at the same time! So, how is one to stay in par with everything?  It’s no rocket science; simply adhering to these surprisingly simple tips is going to ensure that you land healthy, happy and in style!

Travel in styleDressing and packing right is key to successfully reducing anxiety, stress and any possible rush in the nick of time. This greatly depends on certain variables such as the overall duration of your flight, air carrier type (executive, budget of charter) and any possible transitory locations that you may need to stop over at for either shifting routes or for lodging purposes. First things first – prioritize on what you will wear for your journey, preferably well ahead in advance. Whether or not you are due to be flying long-haul, it’s most desirable if you can slip into pieces of comfier attire from your wardrobe, such as loose tees, jeans or overalls. A jacket or cardigan is not compulsory, but you can keep one in handy if ever you feel chilly, since most airport premises and airplane cabins maintain temperatures a degree or two lower than normal. Try packing an extra pair of clothing too – flight delays and cancellations are unpredictable, and tend to take place in the blink of an eye. This means long waiting hours with limited resources for sanitation and an extra pair of clothes can therefore help if ever the need for changing and getting fresh is required!

Pay attention to your footwear – loose, and something that is easy to slip on! This can help reduce tension on your soles when walking long distances (most international, and even some domestic airport terminals are excessively spacious, with relevant counters being located at spots farther from each other than normal!). During the general frisking of passengers by security personnel, all accessories including footwear is mandatory for removal and a pair of slippers or moccasins can seem most convenient at this moment. Don’t forget the rest of your belongings in your duffle bag too! Your passport and any other miscellaneous legal documents related to your travel should be most ideally stored in a compact file, along with stationery extras such as a pen and a bunch of paper clips. A set of passport-size photographs (of not more than six months old), should also be included, as the need of filling up some extra forms and completing formalities for a smooth journey may be required at virtually any point of time! Last but not least – the management of your finances! With the introduction of internationally acclaimed credit and debit cards, cash and travellers’ cheques seem to have taken a backseat, but just to be on the safer side of things, carrying a few US Dollars in your purse or wallet wouldn’t harm anyone, since the USD, being the reserve currency of the Forex market, is accepted at all airports, from check-in counters to duty free shops, worldwide.

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