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How to Approach Your First Turkish Gulet Cruise

A Turkish gulet cruise is a popular way of sailing on Mediterranean waters. These boats provide an enjoyable sailing experience, and are perfect for people who do not normally like sailing. They are great for people who have no problems with sea sickness as well.

Primarily, modern boats are powered with a diesel engine and not in the old fashioned way. Nonetheless, this does not detract from the romantic atmosphere of a good Turkish gulet cruise. If you are embarking on your first cruise of this type, then bear these things in mind to ensure a smooth trip:

Take a Southern Cruise

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Often, experienced Turkish gulet cruisers point out that cruises in northern coastal areas involve visiting regions with many pine trees. Regrettably, over the summertime, there are loads of wasps in these areas. It can be very annoying to be constantly bothered by these troublesome insects, even if you avoid getting stung. Thus, during the warmer seasons, think about taking a Turkish gulet cruise in the south.

That said, wasps can be an issue whichever region you choose to visit during the summertime, so ensure you bring lots of antihistamine. This can be utilized to help you cope with mosquito bites and sunstroke as well.

Time Your Holiday Right

One good piece of advice, from people who have had enjoyable gulet cruises in Turkey, is to plan when you intend to do everything. You are far more likely to get a good rest if you sleep whilst your boat is docked, rather than when you are out sailing at sea. Remain on your boat for as long as possible, and go ashore only to visit the main attractions.

The recommended time for travelling is late afternoon/early evening or in the morning, when the ocean will be calmer and the temperature will be colder. The ocean will be hotter for swimming towards the end of summertime, compared to what it will be like at springtime. Thus, September is an excellent time to swim for people who are averse to a bit of cool water.

Try to Book in Advance

Make sure you use a trustworthy travel agent. Although Turks are justifiably famous for their wonderful hospitality, there are still some unscrupulous characters to be wary of (like there are everywhere). On a cruise, safety is essential, so do not book with a gulet cruise agent who seems to take short cuts, or who is not sure of what they are doing.

Don’t forget that the web can help you considerably – do your research, check customer feedback and choose a gulet cruise agent that you are confident with. A last minute bargain, after you are in Turkey, could be more trouble than it is worth.

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