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Learn all about the Magnificent Coach Holiday in Harzen

Coach travel can be such a wonderful experience as the pace is so much more enjoyable and relaxing than when you travel by flight. One of the best things about coach travel is that you actually get to see the scenery of the surrounding countryside as you journey through it and unlike flying the journey can often be just as much fun as the time you spend in your chosen destination after you arrive. This is certainly true when you travel on a coach holiday in Harzen, Germany.

HarzThe Harz mountain range in Germany is a remarkably beautiful place with wonderful forests and pastures that are full of wild flowers lining the travel routes. The area does get its fair share of wet weather; however, rather than ruining things this actually helps the flora to grow to its full potential. It also means that the many lakes and rivers that are situated throughout the region are always at their best, with an abundance of water that makes them simply incredible. Visit the Oker and Rappbode reservoirs to really appreciate the scenery and get some wonderful photographs. These reservoirs are very important to the region as they are used to supply drinking water and electricity for the surrounding area. There are also the fantastic Bode, Oker and Innerste rivers which flow through the region and provide other wonderful photo opportunities.
Situated in north Germany the Harz is also famous for some wonderful castles, churches and abbeys, as well as some fabulous historical ruins. For a bit of sightseeing make sure that you visit Lauenburg and Falkenstein castles as these are really worth the effort. Then take some time to explore the abbeys at Drubek and Michaelstein along with the numerous quaint churches that are scattered around the area.

After all this touring you will probably need some time to relax and recoup some energy and the Harzen has plenty of Spa Hotels and complexes to choose from. When you are on your coach holiday in Harzen(it’s interesting fact that the Danes use the term busrejser Harzen) you will be able to take all sorts of treatments such as a massage or manicure or just spend some time in the saunas or by the heated spa pools. Luxury comes hand in hand with the region which provides you with the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself.

For those of you who are a little more energetic there are plenty of outdoor pursuits that can be enjoyed. During the winter months you can try out some skiing or snowboarding on the slopes and when the weather is warmer the area is perfect for taking a stroll through the spectacular scenery. The area is also perfect for mountain biking as well as for enjoying other less extreme cycling tracks. Then there are the great rivers and lakes that are perfect for canoeing and even swimming during the warmer months.

So there are some wonderful reasons for everybody to organize a coach holiday in Harzen as there really is something to enjoy for anybody who makes the effort to experience this fantastic part of the world.

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