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Most Enticing Activities that You Cannot Ignore on Your Bulgaria Trip

Bulgaria is one of the most visited holiday destinations but yet it has something new and exciting to offer every time travelers plan to explore it in more depth. One more reason why a majority of people prefer exploring this southeastern European nation is its affordability. Yes! A Bulgarian trip is really cheap enough to attract more and more tourists from all around the world.

Although a European tour is believed to be the costliest, Bulgaria is one of those rare European destinations that offer great value for money by enjoying a family package for less than what it takes to explore other nations in the continent. In your best interest, Bulgaria is a distinct country that is adorned with a variety of attractions as well as activities that can soothe any traveler. Whether you are coming here with your family or friends, the country has something relevant and specific to offer. Lush with splendid mountain ranges, mineral springs, shining coastline, and wild fauna and flora; you have several exciting things to do at more affordable rates in any weather! But there are a few of them that you simply cannot afford to miss while enjoying your holidays in Bulgaria. Let’s check them out now!

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Spend Evenings in Rhythmic Traditions

Whether you are interested in exploring the folklore or not, the cultural traditions of Bulgarian are really worth exploring. You are certainly going to enjoy them for sure! Do prepare yourself to experience the affluent cultural folklore by spending the evenings in the engaging ambiance of dance and music while getting a chance to taste the local delicacies. Most of these performances will reveal their interesting folktales by the means of conventional musical instruments and extravagantly dressed participants to show mythical icons. The entire show typically ends up with a much renowned fire dance. Check out for these performances at villages and resorts scattered along the Black Sea shore.

Get Rejuvenated Naturally in Natural Springs

Did you know that Bulgaria is the hub of more than 500 natural mineral springs? Well, this nation has been honored as one of the primary destinations for natural healing treatments. To soak your stressed body and mind into this therapeutic experience, do not forget to explore the spa at Bankya where you are healed with several mud as well as mineral treatments. It will be easy for you to find this place because it is one of the most renowned tourist attractions in Bulgaria. Apart from that, you can find several baths and spas in different cities with water being rich in mineral content. The capital Sofia itself lies in the neighborhood of hot springs that were used by the Romans as public baths as well as by the Ottomans for the custom of social bathing.

Get Adventurous with Water and Winter Sports

If you like to take up true adventures as your source of true enjoyment, Bulgaria has enough of them on offer. You summer holidays can really be thrillingly memorable with a variety of water sports along the Bulgarian coastline, including snorkeling and water skiing. Even your children can enjoy them under supervision if you choose to stay or be around the Sunny Beach resort. If you wish to do so amidst the lush nature, then hit the striking Rila National Park whose fresh water lakes facilitate kayaking and windsurfing.

Surprisingly, you can even enjoy some winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing at one of the scenic mountain resorts. Both beginners and experienced lovers can take the benefit of off-piste forest trails and great ski runs. Do explore Après ski if you have youngsters with you to enjoy skiing and jovial food.

Bio: Tom Powell is a blogger who loves to explore different places in the world. He conducts good research online that made him realized that holidays in Bulgaria are truly affordable. So, Tom has just visited this nation and has enjoyed there a lot.

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