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Palombaggia – Caribbean dream beach in Corsica

The Palombaggia beach is located south of Corsica. Here the beaches are so white, the water so clear you can still see the reason in three feet deep, and the people as relaxed as you would expect from Southern Europeans.

PalombaggiaPalombaggia belongs to the Domaine de Porto Vecchio. The beach is considered one of Palombaggia of the finest, if not the most beautiful of Corsica . The 10 km long sandy beach, winds its way along the southern Coast Corsica along. For the sight, the red one is here amidst rocks, fine-grained white sand and offers bright blue water, lots of tourists fly to the Caribbean. But here the question arises: Why travel far away …? Goethe was right with his idea, but he’s also just come to Rome.

Corsica – from the mountains to the sea

Corsica, under direct France Situated on Sardinia and one, certainly one of the most beautiful Islands in the Mediterranean. It boasts the Plane or be reached by ferry (several locations). The capital of South Corsica is Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon is well.

Corsica enthusiastic nature lovers and city dwellers

Corsica consists largely of high mountains, but has a Amount me (e) to provide hr. There exists a typical Mediterranean climate: in summer you should already have bad luck, when temperatures are below 25 degrees. In winter, however, is the Climate warm to 12 °, the C.

Corsica is characterized by a diversity of plants that give the landscape its characteristic appearance. Of olive and carob trees to pine and cork oak (the production of cork is still important for the island), chestnut and fir trees growing in Corsica a variety of plants. The different Vegetation is due to the differences in altitude of 0-2700 feet. The most typical of Corsica is likely to be the maquis, evergreen bushes, on the said Napoleon, he could at his home thanks to them, their Scent . recognize

Palombaggia: see more and more from the sea

The Highlight the island is, as already mentioned, the quality of the beaches. Especially the beach Palombaggia stands out. The area is only for families, as also suitable for couples or groups. Children can play at this wonderful beach, and since the Sea is very quiet, parents can relaxed lean back (as long as the children have water wings), swim in the water. On the beach, numerous restaurants offering everything from breakfast to dinner. Unfortunately, the prices of the beach restaurants  are relatively expensive. It provides, therefore, to picnic and take these things to eat on the beach. At night there is this in Porto Vecchio also Restaurants for the smaller budget.

The Price is Right

The prices are perhaps the only Disadvantage the island, because many things are imported. But you can local and buy fresh produce at reasonable prices in the markets. Corsican wine, jam, ham and cheese are among the culinary Delights the island, there are some places for a decent price from the dealer.

Everything in all the island is a Holiday Paradise for all ages.

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