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Practical Tips While Touring Bangkok

Bangkok is a trove of various sprees and pleasures, one can’t get anywhere in Asia. The deep blue ocean rugs that wave back and forth, the Bangkokbusiest harbor port, the crowded shopping markets and malls, the bright shining pagodas and temples, the huge tall Buddha statues, the massive food courts and the fine assortment of seafood stalls, the nightlife and the lifestyle, and the authentic spas and massage havens. All these delights accumulated together and put in a cute package for the tourists. Along with the enjoyment, there seems a little peril in one’s mind while visiting these places as a tourist. These tips will surely kill the worries in you and will put you in a safer track while touring the city.

Be a Local

  •   Carry a handbag or a small back bag while visiting places, so that you don’t look like a tourist. But the bag should always have a photocopy of passport and that of visa permit. Also take along, physical or a digital local map of Bangkok.
  •  Plug in your iPod and listen music – this will keep you engaged while waiting for a train or bus and will also reduce the tension if the same delays.
  •   Local newspaper – to pretend as a local while waiting in BTS or MRT stations.
  •   A little local currency in your wallet. Note – no travel cards should be there in your wallet, instead put them in your back bag.

Protect Yourself

  •   A bottle of water in your bag may save you in lot situations. Bangkok is hot at times, so it’s certainly essential.
  •   Accessories and clothing should be chosen according to the weather conditions – summer is too hot and winter is snowy.

Kiddie Special

  •   Though a few kids are calm and quite, majority of them are mischievous, so keep an eye on them while visiting touristy places.
  •   If traveling with more than one kid, then dress them all in a common color. This is for easy identification in the crowd, where you can also report easily and instantly when one among is missing.
  •   Watch foodstuffs they eat. Most of the seafood dishes and other non vegetarian will be literally spicy here. So, chew a scoop and identify the spice level before giving it to your buddies.
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