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Sailing away can provide the perfect family holiday

If you fancy a different holiday for you and your family then a sailing holiday could be just the thing. Whether you have experience or you are a complete novice, the freedom from this sort of holiday is unparalleled. Children of any age they will love a holiday on the ocean wave.

SailingSailing holidays for novices
Once you have decided to take a sailing holiday it is important to do some research as there are different types of charter available. If you have little or no experience of sailing then you can charter a boat and hire someone to skipper it for you. This is the perfect solution if you love the idea of the freedom that chartering a boat can provide while having the security of someone very experienced on board. If you have some sailing experience and just require a short refresher then you could consider only hiring a skipper for the first few days of your charter.

Sailing holidays for more experienced sailors
If you are an experienced sailor and feel confident enough then you could charter your own sailing yacht which you can sail and crew yourself. If you have older children then they will love being part of the ‘crew’ and it will provide them with a great experience. The main benefit of this sort of charter is that you plan the route and decide on the timing and place of your moorings as long as you are able to return the boat to the agreed place on the agreed date.

It is important to ensure that you choose a destination that you would feel confident about sailing around as well as making sure there are places with moorings where you would want to stop and do some exploring on dry land. Destinations include the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or even parts of the UK.

Travelling with children
For anyone travelling with children there are practical issues to consider before you go. If you are travelling during the school holidays then you will need to book early as all types of holidays will be in high demand. You will also need to consider how far you are prepared to travel. This is particularly important if you are planning a sailing holiday as there is getting to your starting point to consider as well as the travelling part of the holiday itself and getting home again afterwards. Long journeys with children of any age can be stressful so this is something to bear in mind when you are deciding where to go. Finally the weather should also be a consideration if you are planning to travel during the summer months. It is a good idea to research what the weather is supposed to be like in your chosen destination before you book.

There is a sailing holiday for everyone, whatever your experience or whatever type of holiday you are looking for. You and your family will relish in the freedom and excitement of being able to plan your route and all pulling together to help you reach your destination.


Rick Sting writes regularly on travel for a range of travel websites and blogs. Some of his work includes writing about family holidays as well as sailing and moorings.

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