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Scotland’s Top Five Locations for Adventure Holidays

Scotland boasts some of the most amazing scenery in the world and with great scenery comes soaring mountains, rugged coastlines and of course some wonderful bodies of water. Not only is Scotland studded with deep and beautiful lochs but the coastal waters are some of the best in the UK for watersports. For information on some of Scotland’s hottest places for adventure holidays, read on!

  • The Outer Hebrides: Thought of as one of the last true wildernesses in Europe, the Outer Hebrides is a stunning place for all types of The Outer Hebridesadventure holiday. Actually a set of more than 200 small islands, the Outer Hebrides is situated off the Scottish coast and boasts white sand beaches, moorland and rugged peaks. The land here is ancient and beautiful and because it is a place of extremes it is the perfect location for all manner of adventures. Mountain biking is a particularly popular pastime with many opportunities to cycle along the Hebridean trail, taking in many points of interest along the way. Sea kayaking is another great way to enjoy the waters around the Hebrides and there are many organised trips available with qualified guides on hand to help.

  • The Highlands and the Cairngorms: the highlands of Scotland and the Cairngorms National Park are two of the most quintessentially Scottish locations that exist. Famous for their wild beauty and the opportunities which the elements afford the adventurous, there are a number of activities which the more daring amongst us can indulge in. The landscapes here are challenging and families can take advantage of the organised adventure holidays available or book their own camping trips with all kinds of activities additionally available. Horse riding, cycling, bushcraft and geocaching are all great activities to indulge in when visiting the Highlands or the Cairngorms.

  • The Shetland Isles: Experience the beauty and wildlife which is part and parcel of what makes the Shetland Isles such a special place. With a huge range of birds visiting and making their homes here, this is a twitcher’s paradise. Not only are the Shetland Isles a wonderful place for bird watching and pony trekking but there is a huge amount of fascinating historical fact to unearth here. Learn about the Viking’s connection with this special place and see ancient ruins; enjoy the pale, sandy beaches and rugged coastline while you’re at it!

  • West Highlands: The West Highlands offer some challenging terrain for those who like a challenge! Why not try wilderness walking and take in some of the amazing scenery at Skye and Torridon? From rolling moors to rugged mountains and classic Highland’s scenes which seem to come straight out of a book they’re so beautiful, this is the place to take in the breathtaking beauty that is Scotland. Coastal areas will see minke whales, porpoise and even sharks if you are in the area at the right time. Take a boat trip to maximise your chances!

  • The Gaelic Coast: This Northerly region is an amazing point from which to begin a kayaking holiday. You can see the Summer Isles and ancient castles along the coastline as you kayak through the stunning waters of this part of Scotland. Seal colonies proliferate here and kayaking provides the perfect vantage point from which to see them.

Scotland boasts such a varied landscape that almost any adventure sports can be done here; skiing, climbing, watersports and walking are all perfect for those who love to sightsee whilst indulging in thrilling activities. Scotland has plenty to offer for those who enjoy quieter adventures too and because it is such a well kept country, the beauty of the rural areas is outstanding. There’s so much to Scotland that it might take you more than one visit to do all that you’d like to!

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