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The best areas to explore in Myrtle Beach

More than 14 million people visit Myrtle Beach each year to enjoy the beach, the family friendly atmosphere and the seafood.

But there is more to Myrtle Beach than the beach and a couple of restaurants. This vacation destination caters to families and offers tons of things to do. Here are some of the must-see areas:

The Boardwalk

The BoardwalkWhen you go to take a stroll on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk you’re walking through the heart of downtown Myrtle Beach. Featuring local landmarks like Peaches Corner, the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum and several arcades, as well as new attractions like a zipline, the boardwalk itself, and the SkyWheel. You really haven’t visited Myrtle Beach unless you’ve taken a stroll down the boardwalk and at least considered a visit to or a ride in these Myrtle Beach attractions. There is something for everyone in downtown Myrtle Beach: The SkyWheel is a modern Ferris Wheel that will take you high above Myrtle Beach and let you see the ocean and downtown with a better view than any Myrtle Beach resort balcony, the Ripley’s Museum lets you see things you wouldn’t believe existed like a shrunken head or a six-legged cow and Peaches Corner offers some great food, cold drinks and a view into the history of Myrtle Beach. This area of downtown Myrtle Beach is also often home to festivals, movies and live music, especially during the summer months which makes it a must-see for vacationers.

Broadway at the Beach

This modern entertainment and shopping district is 350 acres of shops, restaurants, clubs and attractions set around the 23 acre Lake Broadway. You can spend an entire day just walking around and checking out all the shops but there is more to do that shop at Broadway. There is WonderWorks, an interactive museum for the mind that has more than 100 hands on exhibits that entertain and explain scientific principals; MagiQuest, a live-action role playing game where you get to decide what happens on your journey through an enchanted kingdom armed with only a wand (that you get to keep at the end of the game!); Ripley’s Aquarium, an 85,000 square foot aquarium with all sorts of underwater exhibits to explore in addition to the hands on exhibits in the discovery center and the system control center that puts all the behind-the-scenes equipment on display; and much more including a small amusement park, ropes course and zipline, helicopter tours and luxury movie theatre.

The Southern End

This isn’t one specific area of Myrtle Beach, but if your journey a bit south of Myrtle Beach there is tons to enjoy (and fewer crowds than in North Myrtle Beach). In nearby Surfside Beach you can visit the Wild Water & Wheels water park and spend a day on lazy rivers, water slides, wave pools and more. Or a bit further in Garden City you can get a feel for a small seaside town by visiting the original Sam’s Corner restaurant location right across from the town pier (which has regular music and events) and a small arcade. Even further south you can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of Murrells Inlet and stroll along the MarshWalk, which gives a beautiful and unique view of the marshland just inside of the Atlantic Ocean, and enjoy the restaurants in what is sometimes called the Seafood Capital of South Carolina. Just beyond Murrells Inlet is Brookgreen Gardens which is the perfect place to explore on a cooler day. It has hundreds of statues, plants and landscaping to enjoy a stroll through, as well as a small zoo and seasonal butterfly house.

No matter where you go when you visit Myrtle Beach you can be sure you’ll have a great time!

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