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Tips to choosing enjoyable river rafting packages

During expeditions, river rafters have to face a wide variety of climates and challenges as well. Therefore, unless they choose the right river rafting package, it would be difficult for them to manage such challenges and make their trip a successful one. A perfect river raft serves a number of adventures. So if you’re planning for a river rafting trip this weekend, you should be very careful about choosing the right package out of the plethora of river rafting packages to get the most out of it.

River rafting tourHere are some tips that would help you choose the right river rafting package as per your choice, need and budget; no matter whether you’re a first time rafter or a veteran one.

  • Take a trip – To begin with, you may take a rafting trip in a rented river raft with a guide, if feasible. Talk to your guide about purchasing a raft and what things you should look for and know about them. Ask him about how to maintain the raft and how to operate it.
  • Decide on the type of rafting – As the next step, you need to decide on which type of river rafting packages you would prefer to buy. Consider factors like the size of your group, i.e., how many people are likely to take part in the expedition, what equipments you should take, how long the trip will be or how vigorous the river is.
  • Visit an outfitting store – Visit an outdoor store that sells outfits and ask for a salesperson, who has much knowledge on whitewater rafting. Discuss your requirements with the person and then you ask him to see what outfits they have in their store.
  • See the rafts in fully inflated state – Now ask to see the river rafts which are under consideration in completely inflated state. When you will see an inflated raft, you will have a better idea of how much you need to work with.
  • Know about the safety feature – Ask them about the safety features of your chosen river raft. Know the size of buoyancy tubes. Remember that smaller buoyancy tubes have better handling capacity, but the larger buoyancy tubes help to keep the water from coming on the board. Make sure your chosen raft has a number of air chambers.
  • Decide on cross tubes – Decide on if you want cross tubes of thwarts on your raft. Although these tubes take up much space, yet they are comfortable to sit on, especially when you’re paddling.
  • Consider the material – Check the material which the raft is made of. Though cotton is the cheapest but it decomposes faster than synthetic materials. For example, nylon doesn’t decompose like cotton. But nylon is prone to tears and it is quite weighty. Dacron polyester is even stronger than nylon, but they are heavier than nylon. DuPont Kevlar is the most expensive and the strongest of all, but this material is hard to repair and it is fairly rigid.
  • Ask about warranty – Before you make any final buying decision, ask about the warranty on your chosen raft. You shouldn’t go for one without basic warranty.

These are the basic of choosing the best one from different types of river rafting packages. Don’t forget to take proper safety gears like life vests with your raft.

Author’s Bio – Sam Payn is a travel blogger. She mainly writes water travel blogs on topics like river rafting packages, whitewater rafting packages etc.

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