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Top 3 Must See New Hotels In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is full of hotels and casinos, whether you are staying on the strip or downtown area.  The downtown area is full of nostalgic two-story casinos and antiquated hotels, while the strip is newer, brighter and more glitzy.  Both areas have seen their share of hotels come and go in the past but there are a few new hotels that make the top of the list.

Fremont Street

Hotels In Las VegasThe Fitzgerald, a downtown casino and hotel that has been around since the beginning of gambling in Vegas has been remodeled from its antiquated roots and renamed “The D”.  The designers have gotten rid of the nostalgic face of the hotel and redesigned it into modern work of art.  One thing that makes this hotel stand out above the rest is because it is the first “new” opening on Fremont street in decades.  Besides the upgrade in looks, the The D now has opened a street accessible bar that will be open to the public.  While none of the hotels on Fremont Street compare to the colossal giants on the strip, The D is one of the best new hotels in Vegas.
The D’s 638 rooms have all been decked out in chic decor, giving it a stylish and trendy atmosphere.  Some of the amenities are feather top mattresses, flat screen televisions and Wifi.  It is definitely the most modernized hotel on Fremont Street.

Vegas Strip

The newest hotel on the strip, and probably the most epic in size is the Cosmopolitan.  Built in 2010 it is the new kid on the block, so to speak.  Not only is it the newest but it is also predicted to be the last addition to the strip for the foreseeable future.  One of the most dazzling aspects of the hotel is the three-story chandelier which has a bar inside of it.  The Cosmopolitan’s 100,000 square foot hotel overlooks the strip and has the atmosphere of a resort.  Guests have access to three pools with complete spas and tons of restaurants featuring cuisine by top ranking chefs.
Another mega-resort worth mentioning on the strip is the Aria, which was built in 2009.  The hotel rooms are full of luxurious amenities such as wall-length windows that stretch from the ceiling to the floor and come with automatic blinds.  Another amenity that sets this hotel above some of the others is that each bathroom has elegant marble counter tops.  There are three pools for guests to enjoy and dozens of top notch restaurants catering to just about anyone’s appetite.

Whether visitors to Vegas decide to stay on Fremont Street or the strip, there are new hotels with very unique experiences awaiting them.  Each of the new hotels offers a comfortable stay in a top notch room with state of the art amenities and design.  There is something for everyone at each of these locations.

The preceding article was written by Roy Swingle, blogger for 24-7 Vegas VIP; the ultimate Las Vegas VIP Service.

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