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Top 5 Things to See in England

Some of the best tourist attractions in Europe are in England and with tradition and history on the agenda, you could be in for a treat when exploring the country. Take a look at some of the best historic landmarks to make sure you get the best out of your journey to Britain. Here are the top five things to see when in England.

Buckingham Palace1)      Buckingham Palace

As if it ever needed an introduction, one of London’s most popular tourist attractions is the current residence of the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. The historic monument was built in 1703 originally for the Duke of Buckingham and served as the official London residence of Britain’s sovereigns since 1837.

Buckingham Palace has an incredible 775 rooms, including 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices,19 State rooms and 78 bathrooms. Royal ceremonies as well as State Visits are held here too. If you want to head over to the palace, ensure you’re in royalty mood!

2)      National History Museum

The best of history comes alive in London’s National History Museum which features the wonders of environmentalism, human evolution and wildlife. Not to mention the skeleton of a dinosaur greeting you in the Main Hall. This is an experience not to be missed.

Since 1963, the Museum has been in operation and with free entry, there is nothing stopping you from making the most of your visit by taking a look at the amount of galleries on show.

3)      Stonehenge

Mystery surrounds the Amesbury attraction where you can see one of the world’s most prehistoric monuments. Attracting many philosophers, tourists and history enthusiasts, there are many varying theories as to how and why the stones were erected but there has been no official discovery.

Stonehenge was said to be constructed around 3000BC and by visiting the site today, you can look at real-life history as it was meant to be seen.

4)      Lizard Peninsula

One of the best sights in England, the Lizard Peninsula is truly a unique landmark, making it a popular tourist attraction to enjoy during all four seasons.The peninsula is almost completely surrounded by the sea and has small cottages available for visitors to spend the day at.

You can look to go fishing on colourful boats or even settle down at the local pub where you can celebrate special occasions with the locals.

5)      London Eye

No sight is better for seeing the best of London than through an observation deck of the London Eye. You can take a look at some of the biggest landmarks around the city too, including Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

The best thing about the London Eye is that it is in the heart of the city, giving you the perfect opportunity to see some nearby attractions too, like Sea World which is virtually next to it.

With London home to a host of attractions, it is best to see it all in one spectacular day. There are many other landmarks such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and Tower Bridge which are all particularly close to each other. Instead of using the busy public transport, why not hire a van in London to guarantee you get to see the best of the sights without worrying about time.

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