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Top Five Spas to Relax in When on Bangkok Holidays

City of Angels, Bangkok bursts at its seams with soothing spas for those weary souls who painstakingly book all-inclusive Thailand packages with a desire to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul! In fact, Bangkok spas unfold as a tranquil urban temples dedicated to pamper the body and cleanse the minds. Let’s take a quick tour of just five of the superb spas in Thailand’s colourful capital that promise a date with utmost relaxation to weary visitors on their Bangkok holidays.

The Eugenia Spa

The Eugenia SpaThe Eugenia Spa is perhaps one of the biggest names when it comes to luxury hotel spas in Bangkok offering a range of relaxing spa treatments. Dubbed as one of the most lavish spas in Bangkok, this spa offers holistic body treatments ranging from foot massage to gold gel body scrub and much more without the hefty price tag. In fact, even a short spell in the Eugenia Spa is enough to de-stress and unwind even the most stressed of souls who travel thousands of miles after painstakingly booking luxury Thailand packages.

Spa Botanica

One can’t keep Spa Botanica aside when talking about Thailand’s top spa retreats! Located in the famous Sukhothai Hotel, Spa Botanica has been the heart and soul of instant relaxation in the bustling city of Bangkok! The spa has been providing a complete range of signature treatments to unwind one’s body and soul. With its calming music complemented by its garden setting and its vivid range of holistic spa treatments, the spa seems to have embraced a virtual world of authentic traditional Thai treatments in itself.

Spa Intercontinental

Spa Intercontinental Bangkok is yet another fascinating treatment centre that tempts hordes of jaded travellers to look for Thailand packages for a spell with instant relaxation. It unfolds as a true haven where luxury pursuits seamlessly blend with the tranquil settings, fragrance of rare oils, enamouring gardens and pictorial views! For those on Bangkok holidays, a spell in this spa to get mollycoddled with aromatic massage, cleansing facials or a wide range of holistic treatments is sure to make one feel like a million bucks!

So Thai Spa

So Thai Spa is an astounding spa facility located off Sukhumvit Road, far-off from city’s frantic pace. This spa is deeply rooted in the country’s wellness traditions and is a truly unique resort in every aspect. With plenty of choice, including facials, body scrubs and massages at low prices, friendly and well-trained staff and superb setting, it surely makes for an apt setting to unwind and relax amidst scenic natural beauty! Quite naturally, even a short spell in So Thai Spa remains the most fascinating episodes of any visitors’ Bangkok holidays memorabilia.

Sofitel So Spa

With a wide selection of therapies on offer, set out like a traditional menu – Sofitel So Spa offers a uniquely rejuvenating experience. Sofitel So Spa packs in a plenty of amenities to elegantly pamper guests booking Thailand packages to relax their mind and body! Quite unsurprisingly, those who believe money to be no object, often head to Sofitel So Spa as soon as their flight lands at city’ international airport.

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