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What Are Some of the Best Indian Restaurants in London?

When it comes to finding an Indian restaurant that can offer you wonderful food and a great experience, it can be hard work. London is a big city that is home to hundreds of Indian restaurants, so where do you start? Experiencing the best Indian restaurants in the city doesn’t mean great expense; some of the most famous restaurants in London are affordable too. Affordability, a great atmosphere, and the best food Indian cuisine have to offer are the aspects that make for the perfect restaurant.

Chutney Mary RestaurantChutney Mary can offer the ultimate dining experience for Indian cuisine lovers. The restaurant creates the perfect traditional atmosphere that speaks of the Indian culture in music and art. The friendly environment is a popular choice amongst couples, groups, and families alike. The restaurant has a great reputation for the experience and the food that is on offer and has earned its reputation for being one of the best Indian restaurants in London.

The menu at Chutney Mary consists of a wide range of dishes from different regions across. The dishes reflect true Indian food from many different regions of which are prepared only by chefs from the same regions. The authentic dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients and authentic recipes to give diners the Indian cuisine they crave. This restaurant can offer diners the best in every sense from price to a diverse menu, and an enjoyable experience.

Amaya achieves a different experience with the same benefits and is a great contender in being one of the best Indian restaurants in London. The dishes at Amaya are prepared in full view of the diners so the experience is enhanced even more with the theatrical kitchen. The restaurant brings a relaxing atmosphere where the meals are served to be shared. The restaurant has been the recipient of the best restaurant and the best new restaurant at the TioPepe ITV Awards.  It is also the holder of a Michelin star. Again, this restaurant offers everything you could want from fantastic food to an enjoyable experience.

These are just two of the best restaurants that you can explore. London has many restaurants to offer and these two can point you in the right direction of the best. You can explore these restaurants and their sister restaurants and groups to make your mind up and realise you can enjoy an amazing meal, experience, and a nice surprise when the bill comes; perfect.

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Rachel is a freelance writer based in Denbighshire. Rachel is a big fan of dining out and Indian restaurants having experienced some of the best Indian restaurants in London personally. Rachel enjoys spending time out in the garden and going to the cinema with her partner in her spare time.

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